Thursday, November 16, 2017

Superhero Sweets

I have done several superhero cakes in the last year.

The first one is a Superman baby onesie for sweet baby Finn.  It was white cake with my crusting buttercream.  To get the emblem just right, I printed out a copy and traced it onto the cake.

The second one was for sweet Sophia's birthday.  It was a Spiderman cake made from white cake and my crusting buttercream.  I traced an image of Spidey on the cake and filled it in.

I put a certificate in the silent auction at the scout Blue and Gold banquet, and the recipient wanted a Punisher/Deadpool cake.  This was a white cake with my crusting buttercream.  I traced the image on the cake and filled it in like the other two cakes.


For another Blue and Gold silent auction winner, I made a Flash cake.  This one was chocolate with my crusting buttercream icing.

Hope you enjoyed all the Superhero Sweets from today.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Slither'n Snake

I know, I know.  It's been way too long.  Thought I would post a cake from last year.  I definitely need to play catch up.

For my Dad's birthday a couple of years ago I decided to make a copperhead.  The reason I did this is because we went camping that summer, and I almost stepped on a copperhead.  My Dad ended up killing it.

I made the cake using 2 round yellow cakes.  I iced the cake and then covered it in fondant.  I airbrushed the cake a light orange color and used thinned food color gel to color on the stripes.

The head is made from Rice Krispy treats.

Hope you enjoy my skin crawling snake.

Monday, January 18, 2016

May the Force Be With You

I have made two Star Wars cakes so far. 

This first one was made last year for my niece.  It depicts Ezra from Star Wars Rebels.

I made a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.  I then covered it in a white mixture of half marshmallow fondant/half molding chocolate.  I airbrushed it to have an ombre effect from yellow to orange.  I cut out a panel of black fondant and cut out the birthday girls name from the half and half mixture.  I airbrushed her name for an ombre effect as well.  I cut out a black circle for the top of the cake and did a fondant transfer on top.  Once, I had it pieced together, I outlined it in black buttercream icing.  His hand has a 3D effect, and I placed a straw with a glow stick in it to look like a light sabre.

This year I did a Yoda cake.  This cake was a white cake covered in orange buttercream.  I then placed a cut out picture on my cake and traced it.  I then looked at my picture and drew on the main lines with a toothpick.  I filled in the sections with colored buttercream and smoothed it out.  I then used black buttercream to draw on the details.

Here is the inspiration image.

Here is the filled in areas before detail was added.

Here is the finished cake with details.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Owl Have Another

Someone in our neighborhood had a baby girl that was turning 1.  She needed a cake for a photo shoot, and a cake with cupcakes for a party.

I really love how the owl photo shoot cake turned out.  It was one of the easier cakes I have done.

I used a domed metal bowl to cook my cake in.  Then, I did a thin layer of buttercream all over the cake.  I did the buttercream petal technique all over the cake starting at the bottom and working my way to the top with purple and pink icing to mimmick feathers.  I then added the eyes, beak and ears using colored marshmallow fondant.

The cake and cupcakes for the party were in a totally different color scheme.  I took the owls from the cupcake set and added them to the side of the cake.  They bought a clay owl to put on top of the cake that matched the colors perfectly. 

It was just a plan buttercream cake with piped owls on the sides.  Nothing to fancy about that, but it was cute.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

And They Lived Happily 'Ever After'

For my daughter's last birthday, she wanted an Ever After High Cake.  So, I got right on that.  I love that I can make a cake with characters that she loves without breaking the bank.  I know if I tried to get someone else to make a similar cake, it would have cost me an arm and a leg.

My inspiration came from this cake by Cake-a-Mania.  You can see this cake and others at


I don't have an edible paper printer so I improvised on my framed image.  My daughter still loved it.

the cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache on it.   This was my first time using ganache so I was pretty impressed with how my edges turned out.  On the bottom layer, I used a plastic bag dabbed in food color.  For the gold details, I took gold dust and vodka and painted it on.  I used food gel and brushes to paint on Raven Queen.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cakes Fit for a Boy

I have several cakes that would be perfect for little boys or big boys.

I'll start out with the earliest one I did.  I think this was my second fondant cake, and it shows.  We couldn't decide what we wanted to do for my little one's birthday so we opted for a dump truck.  What little boy doesn't love dump trucks.

The cake is yellow.  The fondant is homemade marshmallow fondant dyed yellow.  The tires are rice krispie treats covered in fondant and cut in half.  The sides of the truck are yellow candy melts that I smoothed onto a flat service, and then cut out.  The dirt is crushed up oreos.  This was such a fun cake to make, and my little one enjoyed it a lot.

The next year he wanted Batman so I stuck with something simple, and made the Bat Symbol.  

This is white cake with all buttercream decorations.  I carved a 13 x 18 cake down to the oval shape.  I printed out a bat and traced it onto my cake.  I then filled the bat with black buttercream.

My next cake was for a special friend.  His mom requested Legos on his cake and sent me a shot of a cake as an idea.

This cake was chocolate with chocolate buttercream, and covered in marshmallow fondant dyed green.  I then cut out lots and lots of little rectangles in varying sizes and added them around the cake.  Each dot on top was placed individually after I cut it out with a round icing tip.  The blocks were made by cutting out thick fondant squares.  I think the birthday boy enjoyed it.

My next cake was for a much older boy.  My nephew wouldn't give me much to work with, but he said he wanted a Team Fortress cake.  I decided to do the logo because that was the quickest and easiest thing to do.

The cake is a lemon/mountain dew flavor with buttercream icing.  The buttercream is airbrushed an orange color.  The black details are all marshmallow fondant.  It was simple, but I think he enjoyed it.

Come back for more cakes soon.

Monday, February 23, 2015

June Cake

The couple that I did the wedding cake for in November, requested a ninja cake for their son in June.  The mom looked up ninja cakes and gave me an inspiration cake to look at.

The cake was a yellow cakes mix which was covered in buttercream and fondant.  I then cut out a ninja silhouette.  I made nun chucks by making the handles out of fondant.  I then made chain out of gray fondant which I painted with a silver luster dust/vodka mixture.  I also made ninja stars using the same method.

Here is the result.